The big news this month in the LED world is the 30th Anniversary of Cree, Inc. located in the Research Triangle Park section of Durham, North Carolina.  The company pioneered the development of the world’s first commercially available LED lights.  Once lauded as one of the most innovative companies in the world, Cree started when 6 partners, acted on the belief they could “leverage the properties of silicon carbide” to raise the temperature and power levels at which semiconductors operate. checkout latest information at

Using the knowledge that silicon carbide could serve as the diode in light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, (as first demonstrated in 1907) they experimented with various techniques until they produced a viable product.   Since that experiment succeeded and the company was founded in 1987, its growth over the last 30 years has touched every continent and its products are available in every country on the globe.   Once they devised a way to grow silicon crystals in the laboratory and use it commercially in semiconductors and lighting, the rest became history.

Now LED lighting and signage is the state of the art for business and commercial use the world over.  Businesses that use LED lightening can see as much as a 25% increase in their bottom line.  The lights are so bright they are visible from a great distance, yet use so little energy to operate, they are cool to the touch.  Imagine guiding customers to your restaurant with bright signage they can see from the nearby Motel 6.  The smart business owner will leverage the proximity by making a Groupon available that will give them a discount for eating at their establishment, and save them money on the meal.  Your storefront is likely to outshine the others and stand as a beacon of comfort when they gaze across the parking lot of the motel and see your welcoming sign.

ledThe innovation that resulted has led to many firsts for the company, includes technological designs as the world’s first blue LED light which made way for the development of the first full-color video screens and billboards.  Over time, other innovations like LED lighting systems and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, and applications that are widely used in military, satellite and broadband telecommunications helped grow the company to one worth billions.  LED lighting is so pervasive in our world we hardly notice it.  But for decades, the new and innovative uses of it, from lighting systems to the flashy signs on billboards captured the imagination of the public, just as it did those students from North Carolina State University 30 years ago.…